Spying on “the Other”

Many  British and American people seem to accept and trust instinctively that the spying on ordinary people as uncovered by Edward Snowden and The Guardian newspaper is really in their interests.   They may have expressed a fleeting concern about their “civil liberties”, but as soon as the thuggishness of the NSA, GSHQ and the politicians behind them are exposed, many rush to the defence, for example:

These are just examples from one day from The Telegraph.  I did not visit the Murdoch Press or the Hate Mail (UK Daily Mail), but I’m sure they would have more of the  same.

There is a danger to everyone’s civil liberties in the NSA and GSHQ activities – there is even a threat to companies that their business secrets can be passed on to more politically connected US and British competitors.

Despite these threats to nearly everyone’s rights, many can be seen defending the existence of these programs, and there can be only one reason why:   these people still have a Cold War and Colonialist mentality where it is OK for the US and Britain to spy on, kill and do whatever dirty trick they can think of, to gain control in those areas and of those peoples where their power is  not yet fully dominant:  Muslims,  The Arab world, China, South America, Non-whites.

In certain countries the threat to an Internet  user who expresses anti-imperialists sentiments online, is literally that a drone bomb can crash through his roof, killing his wife and children compliments of Google or Facebook.   This is what NSA and GSHQ supporters are supportive of.


Note: Christopher Sultan has written in Spiegel Online about the cozy relationship between many British journalists, the government and the intelligence agencies


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