Internationalism vs Anglo power

Internationalism, as opposed to nationalism and imperialism must be the most fair and humane principle to organise world affairs.

  • Our true nationality is mankind – Ramsay MacDonald
  • Nationalism is an infantile sickness – Albert Einstein
  • There is only one race, the human race – Robert Sobukwe

Many of these  ideals are used in speeches by British, US, Canadian, New Zealand  and Australian leaders, and they tend to talk about world affairs, and the “international community”  in a way that make it seem  that they have everyone’s interests at heart.

Yet these 5 countries go to war together quite often.  They attack distant Muslim countries that are not really threatening them.

Together, they run the the “five eyes” surveillance project which they use to spy on the citizens of the world, including even their European allies.

Why should we not suspect the existence of a multi-country Anglo imperialism not unlike nationalism in the evils it does and its ethnic basis, but  cloaked by habitual soft talk and ethical internationalist language?  This sort of Anglo collusion seems like a stab in the back to the ideal of an end to ethnic chauvinism.


3 thoughts on “Internationalism vs Anglo power

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  2. Alleman an excellent theme for a blog. I will add you to my blogroll.

    I look forward to reading more.

    I absolutely agree that we need to move beyond power based on race and nation.


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